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Improve your crypto trading skills on the Rublex Demo

Register and get $ 10,000 on a demo account for testing the Rublex
1 year VIP account

All testers will get a 1-year VIP account as a gift

10,000 RBL token

You will get 10,000 free Rublex token on your VIP account

Plus 1 month per report

Bugs found? Report that and get 1 month more VIP plan

Top testers special gift

The top 10 balances in Rublex demo will get 5 years VIP!

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Improve your crypyo trading skills with Rublex Demo
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Get 1 month VIP account as a gift for every bug report
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Frequently asked questions

  • Open an account by registering. Except for testing and debugging, it is identical to real trading.
  • The Rublex Demo app can be downloaded and used on smartphones. A download for an Android app is available.
  • You will be eligible for employment at Rublex and will be contacted via the valid email with which you have registered if you manage to achieve the highest profit through trading in demo mode with a capital of $10,000 and on top of this, you manage to acquire a 5-year VIP account.
  • If you sign up for the demo version and give the site a review, we'll give you a VIP account for a year in exchange for your comment.
  • Even grammatical or spelling mistakes will earn you an extra month's subscription if you report them to us. To acquire an additional month's subscription for each issue, you must contact support.
  • You will be eligible for a free VIP account for five years if you can conduct DDoS attacks against the website or harm various parts of the site.
  • While you have a VIP account, all of your transaction fees will be zero.
  • You can report any technical issues, including bugs and spelling or grammar mistakes. Additionally, You can even crash Rublex with DDoS.
  • In demo mode, you cannot withdraw because we will give you $10,000 as a test amount.
  • The management of capital depends on your abilities. There will be no minimum or maximum for each trade, and you'll receive $10,000.
  • No, you can only receive the $10,000 demo credit once per email you register.
  • No, the Plus user badge is for the main Rublex platform, and members can enjoy its benefits on the main platform.

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